Mock Scanner

If you need to get your subjects accustomed to the scanner, or train them to respond in the scanner environment, there is a "fake" scanner that you can use. This is also useful for the training of RA's or figuring out the logistics of "tricky" experiments.

The Mock fMRI is in B412 East Hall (see the map).

The room has a computer with E-prime installed and a couple of button boxes for responses. The display is made up of a system of mirrors. We currently do not have a set of goggles at the mock scanner.

There are speakers built into the replica, so that you can reproduce whatever scanner sound you want for greater realism. You can also download the typical sounds for several of our sequences (note: if the file does not automatically download, try right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Save link as'.) :

In order to access the room, go to room 1004 and ask the staff for the keys. Currently, there is a lot of time available, so you can book just about any time you want.

Note: If your project involves use of the mock scanner, you need to specify it on your IRB!