Scanner Specifications

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Field Strength 3.0 (actively shielded)
Maximum Gradient Amplitude 50 mT/m
Slew Rate 200 mT/m/s
RF coils 8-channel surface coil array
volumetric quadrature bird cage head coil
2 32-channel receive arrays (Nova Medical)
Software Release GE MR750 DV26R2
Spectroscopy / Multinuclear Capabilities The system also has MR spectroscopy (MRS) pulse sequences.
Fast Imaging Sequences EPI
Multiband EPI
Patient Monitoring intercom
pulse oxymeter
chest plethysmograph
Space 4 faculty/staff offices
administrative office
student office area (8 desks)
magnet room
magnet equipment room
large control rooom
electronics shop
subject waiting room
subject dressing room
subject training room
three parking spaces for subjects
Computer The Functional MRI Laboratory computing environment includes four multiprocessor Linux servers (2x 52T storage, 1x 26T storage, 1x 15T storage. The Lab will also possess a network of approximately 15 Linux workstations, including two that have been designated for use by general users of the Lab. A wide variety of commercial and custom software is available on these systems for processing functional MRI data.
The lab also has a half-time computer system administrator.