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2019 Publications

Burkhouse, K. L., Stange, J. P., Jacobs, R. H., Bhaumik, R., Bessette, K. L., Peters, A. T., Fitzgerald, K., Monk, C.S., Welsh, R. C., Phan, K. L., & Langenecker, S. A. (2019). Developmental related changes in resting-state functional networks among individuals with and without internalizing psychopathologies. Depression and Anxiety.

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Fava, N.M., Trucco, E.M., Martz, M.E., Cope, L.M., Jester, J.M., Zucker, R.A., & Heitzeg, M.M. (2019). Childhood adversity, externalizing behavior, and substance use in adolescence: Mediating effects of brain functioning in the anterior cingulate cortex. Development and Psychopathology.

Kaplan CM, Schrepf A, Vatansever D, Larkin TE, Mawla I, Ichesco E, Kochlefl L, Harte SE, Clauw DJ, Mashour GA, Harris RE. Functional and neurochemical disruptions brain hub topology in chronic pain. (2019) Jan 16. Doi:10.1097/ j.pain. 0000000000001480. [Epub ahead of print]


2018 Publications

Boedhoe PSW, Schmaal L, Abe Y, Alonso P, Ameis SH, Anticevic A, Arnold PD, Batistuzzo MC, Benedetti F, Beucke JC, Bollettini I, Bose A, Brem S, Calvo A, Calvo R, Cheng Y, Cho KIK, Ciullo V, Dallaspezia S, Denys D, Feusner JD, Fitzgerald KD, Fouche JP, Fridgeirsson EA, Gruner P, Hanna GL, Hibar DP, Hoexter MQ, Hu H, Huyser C, Jahanshad N, James A, Kathmann N, Kaufmann C, Koch K, Kwon JS, Lazaro L, Lochner C, Marsh R, Martínez-Zalacaín I, Mataix-Cols D, Menchón JM, Minuzzi L, Morer A, Nakamae T, Nakao T, Narayanaswamy JC, Nishida S, Nurmi E, O'Neill J, Piacentini J, Piras F, Piras F, Reddy YCJ, Reess TJ, Sakai Y, Sato JR, Simpson HB, Soreni N, Soriano-Mas C, Spalletta G, Stevens MC, Szeszko PR, Tolin DF, van Wingen GA, Venkatasubramanian G, Walitza S, Wang Z, Yun JY; ENIGMA-OCD Working Group, Thompson PM, Stein DJ, van den Heuvel OA; ENIGMA OCD Working Group. Cortical Abnormalities Associated With Pediatric and Adult Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Findings From the ENIGMA Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Working Group. Am J Psychiatry. 175(5):453-462, 2018. PMID: 29377733

Bunford, N.,Kujawa, A., Fitzgerald, K., Monk, C. S., & Phan, K. L. (2018). Convergence of BOLD and ERP measures of neural reactivity to emotional faces in children and adolescents with and without anxiety disorders. Biological Psychology, 134, 9-19.

Burkhouse, K. L., Kujawa, A., Hosseini, B., Klumpp, H., Fitzgerald, K. D., Langenecker, S. A., Monk, C. S., & Phan, K. L. (2018). Anterior cingulate activation to implicit threat before and after treatment for pediatric anxiety disorders. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, 84(Pt A), 250-256.

Fitzgerald KD, Liu Y, Johnson TJ, Moser J, Marsh R, Hanna GL, Taylor SF, Development of posterior medial frontal cortex function in pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 57:397-406, 2018, PMCID: PMC5990044

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Goetschius, L. G., Hein, T. C., Mattson, W. I., Lopez-Duran, N., Dotterer, H. . L., Welsh, R. C., Mitchell, C., Hyde, L.W., & Monk, C. S.(2018). Amygdala-prefrontal cortex white matter tracts are widespread, variable and implicated in amygdala modulation in adolescents. NeuroImage.

Harper DE, Ichesco E, Schrepf A, Hampson JP, Clauw DJ, Schmidt-Wilcke T, Harris RE, Harte SE. Resting Functional Connectivity of the Periaqueductal Gray is Associated With Normal Inhibition and Pathological Facilitation in Conditioned Pain Modulation. J Pain. (2018) Jun;19(6):635.e1-635.e15.

Hein, T.C., Mattson, W.I., Dotterer, H.L., Mitchell, C., Thomason, M.E., Peltier, S.J., Welsh, R.C., Hyde, L.W., & Monk, C.S.(2018). Amygdala habituation and uncinate fasciculus connectivity in adolescence: a multi-modal approach. NeuroImage, 183, 617-26.

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Norman LJ, Taylor SF, Liu Y, Radua J, Chye Y, De Wit S, Huyser C, Karahanoglu FI, Luks T, Manoach D, Mathews C, Rubia K, Suo C, van den Heuvel OA, Yucel M,Fitzgerald, KD. Error Processing and Inhibitory Control in Obsessive-Comipulsive Disorder: A Meta-analysis Using Statistical Parametric Maps, Biological Psychiatry, 2018 [Epub ahead of print].

Peters, A.T., Burkhouse, K., Kujawa, A., Afshar, K., Fitzgerald, K.D., Monk, C.S., Hajcak G., & Phan, K.L. Impact of pubertal timing and depression on error-related brain activity in anxious youth. Developmental Psychobiology, 2018.

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2017 Publications

Allen, S; Vlaisavljevich, E; Shi, J; Hernandez-Garcia, L; Cain, Charles; Xu, Zhen; Hall, Timothy: “The Response of MRI Contrast Parameters in In Vitro Tissues and Tissue Mimicking Phantoms to Fractionation by Histotripsy". Physics in Medicine and Biology. (2017), v.62, n. 17, p. 7167-7180

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Bunford N, Kujawa A, Fitzgerald KD, Swain JE, Hanna GL, Koschmann E, Simpson D, Connolly S, Monk CS, Phan KL. Neural Reactivity to Angry Faces Predicts Treatment Response in Pediatric Anxiety. J Abnorm Child Psychol. 45(2):385-395, 2017 PMID: 27255517

Burkhouse KL, Kujawa A, Klumpp H, Fitzgerald KD, Monk CS, Phan KL. Neural correlates of explicit and implicit emotion processing in relation to treatment response in pediatric anxiety. J Child Psychol Psychiatry 58(5):546-554, 2017.PMID:27861879.

Burkhouse, K. L., Kujawa, A., Keenan, K., Klumpp, H., Fitzgerald, K. D., Monk, C. S., & Phan, K. L. (2017). The relation between parent depressive symptoms and neural correlates of attentional control in offspring: A preliminary study. Psychiatry Research, 263, 26-31.

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2016 Publications

Allen, S, Hernandez-Garcia, L, Cain, C, Hall T: MR-Based Detection of individual Histotripsy Bubble Clouds Formed in Tissues and Phantoms. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 76: 1486–1493, (2016)

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2015 Publications

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2014 Publications

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