Proposal Submission

Researchers or administrators submitting a proposal for federal or non-federal funding of scanning hours at our facility should include the following information on their Proposal Approval Form (PAF):

  • Attach a detailed budget and justification to the "Proposal Documents" section of the PAF
    • Use the current hourly rates.
    • Inflate the hourly rate by 3% per year in subsequent years
    • Budget justification should detail number of hours scanned and hourly rate used
  • Include a subaccount for the scan hours in the "Budget" section of the PAF.
    • In the notes section of sub-account, include the number of scan hours proposed
  • Include the space you will use at our facility in the "General Space" section of the PAF:
    • Bonisteel Interdisciplinary Research Building Rooms 1089, 1097
    • Over-ride the Dept ID to 550200, the occupying department
  • Include our facility/resources and equipment (word, pdf) document in your proposal submission