Cost & Billing

Scan Cost

The current scan rate approved by the Office of Financial Analysis is $608 per hour with an effective date of 8/13/2020. When preparing grant proposals we advise project teams to budget $608 per hour in the initial budget period with a 3% per annum increase in subsequent years.

Cost Basis

Studies are charged only when subjects are in the scanner. Studies are charged in fifteen minute increments.

Service Unit Billings

Billing occurs monthly by Service Unit Billing.


Invoices are distributed to the investigator, study coordinator, and billing contact cited on the user form. Attached is a copy of an example invoice. Each invoice includes investigator name, study nickname, exam number, subject number, and hours of scanner use.

A study seeking to send billing invoices to additional individuals should contact the Administrator.

Billing Changes

Studies that have a change in their billing information or IRB renewal should revise their user form. The investigator, study coordinator, or billing contact listed on the user form may log-in and submit changes to their user form.

Questions about uploading changes to billing information or IRB renewals should be directed to the Administrator.

Billing Sub-account Deficit Policy

To ensure that studies scanning at our Laboratory have sufficient funds to cover the costs of scans, a study/studies associated with a billing sub-account in deficit for more than two months may not be able to schedule additional scans until this deficit is resolved. A sub-account will be determined to be "in deficit" when : 1) the expenses on the sub-account exceeds the budget allocated to the sub-account, or 2) when aging receivable on the sub-account exceed 90 days, even in the case of a positive budget allocation on the sub-account.