Steering Committee

Committee Charge

The charge to the Functional MRI Laboratory Steering Committee is to review the activities of the Laboratory and to consider and comment on plans for future activities. The Steering Committee will deliberate about each of these matters with the aim of evaluating prior activities commenting on future plans. The Steering Committee's discussions will be transmitted to the Vice President for Research.

Committee Membership

Functional MRI Laboratory Steering Committee members do not have time limited or term limited roles. Committee members typically represent senior leadership from the schools and colleges that have the highest stake in the future direction of the Laboratory; including, the College of Engineering, Medical School, College of Literatures, Science and the Arts, as well as the University of Michigan Office of Research. Committee membership is proposed by the fMRI Co-Directors, and approved by the Vice President for Research.

Douglas Noll, Co-Director, FMRI Laboratory
John Jonides, Co-Director, FMRI Laboratory
Scott Peltier, Technical Director, FMRI Laboratory
Luis Hernandez, Senior Faculty Member, FMRI Laboratory
Brian Fowlkes, Associate Vice President for Research-Health Science, UMOR
Alec Gallimore, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, College of Engineering
Steven Kunkel, Senior Associate Dean for Research, Medical School
Twila Tardif, Associate Dean for Social Sciences, College of Literature, Science and the Arts

Committee Meetings

The committee meets from time to time, typically annually or semi-annually, as issues arise, to respect the time of committee members.  Agendas are distributed prior to meetings. 

Committee meetings may include discussion on the following areas:

  • Advising on strategic planning
  • Reviewing and advising on materials prepared for UMOR reviews
  • Reviewing and advising on space planning and construction initiatives
  • Reviewing and advising on critical budget concerns or expense outlays
  • Implementing new University, Federal, or State laws/guidelines
  • Reviewing and advising on educational accomplishments and proposals
  • Reviewing and advising on existing and predicted grant support