Appointment Request

Scanning Appointment Procedure is as Follows:

Each month the Senior Scanning Technologist will email our users and solicit requests for scanning time at our facility.

Studies are asked to include the following information in their requests (use the form here):

  • Study nickname (assigned when a user form is completed)
  • Number of appointments / hours required
  • Days / Dates / Times requested
  • Alternate Days / Dates / Times if first choice not available

Scheduled dates/times will be posted to our calendar. It is the study coordinator's responsibility to review the calendar and note the dates/times their study is scheduled for that month.

To join the users email group (, please contact the Administrator.

Scanning Appointment Policies are as Follows:

  • Scan times are scheduled on a monthly basis and posted to the calendar
  • Investigators may only schedule a maximum of 16 hours per week and 32 hours per month
  • Investigators are expected to verify subject attendance at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled scan time for weekday scans and 48 hours in advance for weekend scans.

Canceling a Scanning Appointment:

  • If a subject is unable to attend, users are expected to advertise their cancellation to the user email group ( at least 24 hours in advance for weekday scans and 48 hours in advance for weekend scans. Please include a simple note explaining the reason for cancellation.

Using a Cancelled Timeslot:

Cancellation Fees:

  • In the next few months we will start charging cancellation fees when the researcher or research assistant does not attend a scheduled timeslot, without prior notification.
  • We do not currently charge for other cancellations; however, this is under review