Room Scheduling

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Managing Conflicts | Clean-up Responsibility

All use of room 1104 should be scheduled.

Rooms Available

There are two rooms available for testing and training:

  • 1077A (has interview space, a computer for pre-and post-testing, and is available for blood draws)
  • 1104 (has interview space and is available for blood draws)

Scheduling Policies & Priority

  • Scheduling room 1077A is not required
  • Use of room 1104 should be scheduled
  • It is the study coordinator's responsibility to schedule time in room 1104
  • Scheduled time will always take priority over unplanned use

Scheduling Procedures

  • Send your request to:
  • Include the following information in the request:
    • Study nickname
    • Day
    • Date
    • Start time
    • End time
    • Purpose(s): i.e. interview, blood draw
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the requester

Managing Scheduling Conflicts

  • If ever a study needs to use a room and 1077A and 1104 are unavailable we will do our best to provide an alternate location for your use

Clean-up Responsibility

  • It is expected that studies using our space will clean up after themselves, including disposing of sharps and other biologically contaminated materials appropriately

  • Should bodily fluids be accidentally spilled, it is expected that study coordinators will notify fMRI management as soon as possible so the affected area can be disinfected appropriately