Prepare for Your Experiment

Scanning Rehearsals

We require that all experiments rehearse once without the subject at least one day prior to the scheduled scan time. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all equipment is working properly and in concert with the MR scanner. There is no cost associated with this rehearsal.

Mock Scanner

A Mock Scanner is available for study coordinator training purposes in the basement of East Hall. There is no charge for using the scanner.

Investigator Screening

All investigators must be screened before entering the scanner room to insure everyone's safety. Keep in mind that most accidents are caused by investigators rather than subjects. New investigators will need to sign a safety screening questionnaire.

Preparing Your Subject

Study coordinators are expected to have consented and trained their subjects by the time their scan time is scheduled to start. This usually means having enough people so that you are testing or training a subject while you are scanning another. To schedule room(s) for testing or training, please visit our room scheduling website.

Study coordinaters should also prepare subjects ahead of time for the scan by supplying our standard subject instructions.